The Creative Website Design Process

Since first opening our Rutland, Vermont website design firm in 2001, Got2Web Internet Services has established a successful methodology for identifying and developing solutions to our clients' challenges.

Our ultimate goal for you is simple: success.

With that in mind, a project undergoes several stages on its way to completion:

Identify the Problem...Develop the Solution

We meet with our clients in person to assess their business objectives and goals. The target audience is identified and a plan is developed to best reach those visitors.

During our initial meetings, we discuss which technical solutions exist to best address the client's specific needs. While there may be multiple solutions to the same problem, budgetary considerations may dictate how best to proceed from a technical perspective. All this is discussed at this stage.

We plan how to best get the necessary traffic to the finished website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of Got2Web's specialties and we make your site as visible to your target audience as possible. From SEO-efficient content, to social media development and maintenance, all options are researched.

Finally, keeping in mind that a website development project is really a partnership between Got2Web and our client, we also discuss the client's role in the process. This will usually involve content delivery, including images, text and any other relevant material. There will also be on-going consultations throughout the process to make sure the project stays on target.


With the initial goals and planning established, the project proceeds to the design phase. Website mockups are developed by our design team before technical development begins to make sure the client gets not only the most visually appealing but also the most efficient website in terms of site navigation and branding cohesiveness. A digital rendition of the proposed design is presented to the client for approval and then revised as necessary. Once approval is given, the project proceeds to the development stage.

Website Development

Once design approval is given, the project begins the development stage...the actual build. This is the point where the digital image the client approved becomes a working responsive design website.

Depending on the needs, goals and complexity of the project, several steps take place:

  • Code and graphics are generated, resulting in working templates, allowing for initial testing of online elements.
  • Databases created, as needed.
  • CMS and/or ecommerce integration and configuration, if applicable.
  • Content insertion into CMS or database.
  • Social networking development, if required by project parameters.
  • Testing and quality control.


A website is never really only gets to a point where deployment is possible. In other words, a successful online campaign requires a constant stream of fresh content, giving site visitors a reason to keep coming back.

Today's technology makes that very easy to do, from a content insertion point of view. Our CMS solutions allow the site owner or team members to add content to their website with nothing more than the computer, internet access and web browsing software already on their system...any time of the day or night.

However, there is an initial, yet easy, learning curve to go through and once the website is up and running, Got2Web makes sure the client knows everything he or she needs to know to maintain the content of the site, whether that involves CMS or ecommerce solutions. We're known to be pretty good at hand-holding when it comes to our clients.

So The Site is Up...Is That All?

Got2Web offers many optional services to make sure your online presence becomes and stays successful. Some of these include:


If you are ready to have your free initial consultation with us, please get in touch with us right now. We are well experienced with local optimization intricacies of Vermont website design and also development for the greater New England area.  We look forward to a successful partnership with you.


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