E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing IconKnowing who your website's visitors are and, more importantly, how to get in touch with them in return has become one of the most valuable tools any business owner can use online. It becomes even more valuable when the visitors ask to be contacted, pre-qualifying them for your products or services offered through permission-based email.

If your business can use such a valuable tool, then Got2Mail Marketer is for you.


Got2Mail Marketer is an online solution that lets you easily and inexpensively maintain permission-based lists of opt-in clients and send marketing material directly to them whenever, wherever and how often you want.

We install a form on your website that visitors can fill out. You choose what information to request from them and they voluntarily provide it to you. They become part of a targeted mailing list for such things as:

• Newsletters
• Promotional materials
• Give away programs
• Coupons
• Anything else you can think of!

And, mailings to your customers can be by way of beautiful pre-made e-mail/newsletter templates that make a professional impression. If you choose, these e-mail/newsletter templates can be customized by you...or us, if you prefer. An easy-to-use control panel lets you administer your mail campaigns, press releases and mailing lists.

Got2Mail Marketer e-mail marketing campaigns will effectively and economically provide you with:

• Increased sales
• Repeat business
• Valuable feedback from your customers
• Increased offline sales
• And, much, much more!

The list above is only a small sampling of the things you can do with Got2Mail Marketer, naturally. If you want more information on this valuable online tool, please contact us today, or explore specialized email marketing features and services at our dedicated website.